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TNDA Avocats
specializes in labour and criminal law.

The firm’s lawyers cultivate discretion, responsiveness and creativity, and are committed to mastering engineering.
They combine their skills and build teams of partners and associates of different generations to support companies, associations, public authorities and their executives.


We support our customers in the following areas:

Droit social


The firm’s historical activity, with recognized expertise since 2001.
We support companies in all aspects of employment law.
Our team is sought after for its expertise, particularly in managing sensitive issues.

Droit de la santé au travail

health law

We manage all issues relating to occupational diseases, workplace accidents and inexcusable fault.
We also support employers in understanding prevention principles and managing their obligations.

Droit pénal du travail, des affaires et de l’entreprise

Criminal labor,
business and corporate law:

Our firm advises and assists companies and their executives at all stages of criminal risk. We address legal, ethical and financial issues. We implement a personalized strategy to protect your rights and reputation, and minimize the consequences of any legal process.

” Relentless determination and spirit.More than 40 years of experience in labor and employment law.Rely on her recognized expertise! “

Associate Lawyer
Over 40 years’ experience

“Efficiency and performance are our watchwords. For seamless defense and targeted solutions in employment law. Meet a passionate professional!

Managing Partner
Over 25 years’ experience

“Rigor and precision through the complexity of employment law regulations.
He is particularly renowned in occupational health law.
Put your trust in our expert partner!”

Associate lawyer
Over 20 years’ experience

“Firmness and determination. Trust her to defend your criminal cases. “

Associate Lawyer
Over 20 years’ experience

“Finesse and reliability. Rely on her years of experience in employment law.”

Avocat Of Counsel
Over 40 years’ experience

Groupe 72

“Proven expertise; availability; responsiveness ;
efficiency in negotiations.”

Testimonial by Legal 500

“A law firm specializing in asbestos-related litigation. Strong expertise and know-how in a highly technical field with very high financial stake” 

Testimonial by Legal 500

“Martine Riverau-Trzmiel and Nicolas Durand-Gasselin are recognized experts in labor law negotiations, consulting and litigation.Me Guillaume Verdier, in addition to his general expertise in labor law (consulting and litigation), is a true expert in matters of occupational injury and health and inexcusable fault.” 

Testimonial by Legal 500

“Extremely responsive team, specializing in asbestos-related litigation. Their recognized expertise enables them to successfully defend our cases. ” 

Testimonial by Legal 500

“Véronique Tuffal-Nerson gives a quick summary of a situation, goes straight to the solution, and is ready to change direction ten times if necessary, depending on the strategic changes in a case. Highly inventive, she sees all aspects at once (tax, legal, psychological, reputational, etc.) and knows where to find the right expert. ” 

Testimonial by Legal 500


TNDA is regularly called upon for high-risk advisory and litigation work, thanks to its ability to cross-fertilize in-house expertise in the various fields of law in which it operates, in order to develop innovative solutions.

Our French and international clients include SMEs, ETIs and CAC40 companies and their executives.
We also assist associations and local authorities.



Because the law is constantly evolving… we keep abreast of these changes through regular training and constant monitoring of legal news.

Our associates contribute to the collective debate by producing targeted, specialized legal articles. Our solid expertise in labor law and criminal law enables us to develop and design company-specific legal solutions.


Creativity & personalized approach:

Because each of your problems is a special case… we offer you a tailor-made strategy and tailor-made solutions.  

By listening to you, identifying your needs and constraints, we create targeted, innovative and effective legal solutions. We go beyond established law, interpreting it and making it evolve, with and for you.


Every situation can be urgent and delicate, which is why we are committed to acting quickly and effectively to protect your interests.

Responsiveness is one of the cornerstones of our approach and way of working. Solving your problems quickly is one of our professional requirements. Our experienced and dedicated team will do everything in its power to provide you with effective and appropriate solutions in the shortest possible time.


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TNDA Avocats

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