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The firm

the firmTNDA is an experienced firm in the areas of labor, criminal and business law.

There are thirteen lawyers in the firm of whom two are qualified mediators.

And TNDA’s trusted legal advice is often sought in complex and sensitive cases, as well as in litigation entailing serious risks.

When the firm develops legal solutions and strategies that provide a competitive edge. TNDA reserves them for just one company per business sector and level.

TNDA’s primary concern is to create value for its clients with a global approach and a connection between legal advice and litigation point of views.

The firm proposes, based on the Law, innovative efficient solutions with human capital. But, too communication and relationships at the heart of the decisions.


« TNDA : Tuffal-Nerson Douarre et Associés stands out for “its very much “field” approach”, its proven legal expertise and its true understanding and perception of the human dimension” of the files. The dozen avocats team knows “how to convince in a negotiation” and delivers “appropriate advices, on a case by case basis” which “unblock the situation”. Big French and foreign companies or associations use the firm’s expertise. The team regularly advises on sensitive cases and recently assisted a company under safeguard procedure for the setting up of an economic redundancies plan. It handles strategic files and sensitive and very high-risk disputes as well as files related to health at the work place and to business criminal law. The activity is develop by: Véronique Tuffal-Nerson, the criminal lawyer Rémy Douarre whose “analysis’ subtlety, sharp and vast knowledge and excellent advices” are particularly appreciated, Martine Rivereau-Trzmiel (of counsel) who “is very much involved in the files and brings a very good strategic approach and an accompanying of the client from the beginning to the end”, Sabrina Gabyzon, Nicolas Durand-Gasselin who “ is available and an excellent negotiator “ and Guillaume Verdier who “insure a good accompanying whatever is the starting position” and demonstrates “a clear analysis of the issues”. The firm also has a complementary department in business law with Philippe Meylan and Armelle Walters-Renaud (of counsel). »

LEGAL 500 Paris 2017